How Aviator Game Works?

How Aviator game works is a must-know for all new players looking to win big. Its gameplay is unique in its simplicity. But you’ll be surprised to know what cutting-edge technology is behind it. Today, our team is set to analyse how Aviator algorithm works and explain it to readers in simple and clear terms.

Understanding Aviator Game Mechanics

The house always has an edge over the player – it’s how every online casino game works. But the other fundamental principle is that everyone has a fair chance of winning. In computer-led games, a special algorithm ensures fairness. It’s called RNG – a random number generator. The famous crash game Aviator is no exception.

How Aviator Algorithm Works

How Aviator Algorithm Works

Looking at Aviator game how it works is clear on the surface level. You bet. The multiplier grows. You cash out and win. But how does the game work out how far the lucky plane is going to fly?

  • When developing Aviator, Spribe LLC went to great technical lengths. They took an advanced RNG and made it generate more than one random string. Instead, both the server side and the player side produce random numbers affecting the results. 
  • After that, Spribe strengthened it with heavy-duty cryptography. It works on the random strings, hashing them together. 
  • The final encrypted hash contains the next duration of the little plane’s flight. Such technology is called “Provably Fair”. 

Aviator Provably Fair System Explained

Provably Fair combines certified RNG algorithms and unbreakable cryptographic protection. Together, they ensure that Aviator round results are unpredictable. Let’s delve a little deeper into the technical aspects.

Aviator Provably Fair System

Generating Round Results

How does the Aviator game works in every round, you ask? Below, our experts detailed the process:

  1. The server generates 16 characters – the server-side seed. A powerful algorithm SHA256 creates it, ensuring maximum randomness and security.
  2. The server seed is hashed – encrypted as a string of completely different characters.
  3. The server seed is shared with the player’s side. Even before the round begins, it’s publicly available in Provably Fair Settings.
  4. Waiting for the round to begin, players make their bets. The input from the first 3 betters generates client-side seeds.
  5. The game merges the server seed and the client seed. This generates a SHA512 hash. With its help, the game works out the current round’s multiplier.

Ensuring Fair Play

Is Aviator game real and fair?” is often asked in Google and YouTube searches. The answer is – Yes! Provably Fair guarantees fair odds in the popular game. Let’s summarize its components:

Ensuring Fair Play
Game server seedThe server generates it as a sequence of 16 random characters.The initial component in determining the round results. 
Client-side seedRandom input from the first 3 betters in any given Aviator round.A way to engage players in determining the round results. You cannot control, predict, or affect them.
Hashing This cryptographic process combines server and client seeds. Secures the round results in an encrypted form, making sure no one can affect or predict them.

How Aviator Game Works: Fundamentals

What is Aviator gaming about if not betting and cashing out your winning! It’s time for our guide to pay due attention to these gameplay fundamentals.

Starting a Round

Let’s outline how to get ready and participate in an Aviator round:

  1. To play in the next game round, set 1 or 2 wagers.
Aviator Set wagers
  1. Decide on the sum, and click Bet to activate it.
Aviator Activate bet
  1. Rounds start automatically. Your wait won’t be longer than 10 seconds.
  1. When the round starts, the little plane takes off and starts going higher and faster. The winning multiplier grows in real time.
Aviator Start round
  1. The plane may fly away at any moment. Try to cash out your winnings before it’s gone from the screen.
Aviator Win reward

The unpredictable plane flights make playing Aviator an exhilarating experience.

Cash Out Mechanics

After you set up your wagers in Aviator how it works further is, the plane takes off. The cashout button displays your potential winnings, rising alongside the multiplier. Simply hit the cashout button before the plane disappears.

An alternative to manual cashouts is the Autoplay feature:

  1. Switch the Auto toggle above the bet button to activate this mode.
Aviator Switch auto toggle
  1. Adjust the bet amount.
Aviator Adjust bet amount
  1. Switch the Auto Cash Out toggle. Enter the multiplier to cash out at.
Aviator Switch auto cash out
  1. Click Auto Play.
  2. Select the number of auto rounds: 10, 20, 50, or 100.
  1. Set additional parameters. You can set it to stop after a large enough one-time win, or a total of wins or losses.
Aviator Set auto play options
  1. Hit Start. Sit back and enjoy the Aviator Autoplay!
Aviator Start Autoplay

Features of Aviator Game India

Spribe Aviator India comes with live multiplayer features. They add a social flair, making the presence of other players seen.

In-Game Chat Functionality

In the real money Aviator version, players can interact with one another through Live Chat. You can converse with fellow gamblers, share your best tips and strategies. Such interactivity between players works as a social component. For many, this boosts the enjoyment of the game. 

Live Bet Viewing and Statistics

If you look at the bets panel while waiting for the next plane, you’ll see other players make their wagers in real time. You can also check out your betting history or the top wagers. In the demo Aviator game, every simulated “player” bets $100.

When the plane takes off, separate lines on the bets panel will light up green. This means the player hit their cashout button. You can see what multiplier they stopped at, and their winnings.

Aviator Flew Away
Aviator Start the round
Aviator Fun mode

How the Demo and Full Version Work: What’s the Difference?

How does the Aviator game work as a demo? It doesn’t intentionally cut any functions, but some differences are inevitable:

How the Demo and Full Version Work
Demo Full 
RegistrationUsually not requiredMandatory
Real money bets and payoutsNo. You bet and win imaginary creditsYou wager and win real money. You must deposit before playing, and you can withdraw your winnings
Bet currencyPlay money credits displayed as “USD”Same as your account currency
Multiplier historyDemo simulates the multiplier list from before you opened the gameGame shows the real multiplier history
MultiplayerNo. Solo play onlyYou can play alongside other gamers
Player bets and winsAside from your own, all bets and wins you see are a simulationYou see real bets and wins of fellow players
Live chatNot available due to lack of other playersAvailable

These differences aside, all Aviator mechanics work in the demo game. The certified RNG algorithms decide when the plane flies away. Cashouts work as intended. The demo is perfect for learning how Aviator game works or practising a betting strategy.

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