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Short Aviator Game Review

Aviator Game in India

Online Spribe Aviator game is just a flight simulator with an airplane taking off. The plane can fly in seconds or several minutes. However, your task isn’t to simply observe, but to select the time for the stake. With every flight second the plane is gaining altitude as well as the odd that multiplies your bet.

Aviator Spribe gaming

Flight time ain’t depend on the number of players, their status, bet amount and many other factors: everything is decided randomly. The interface is made quite simple and clear, there’s nothing superfluous here: your eyes immediately begin to follow the plane. The Aviator game in India caught players’ eye primarily because one bet can multiply the winnings by more than 100 times. In addition, the rules in crash casino game are as simple and understandable as possible to every gambler.

Game Features

Unusual Aviator slot doesn’t have the usual game reel, pay lines or bonuses for combinations. Developers decided to move away from the standard design of slot machines. Although the point remains the same, the winnings still depend on chance, not on gaming skills. Simultaneously the Aviator has some differences:

  • fair calculation of winnings, understandable earnings algorithm;
  • no strict restrictions on the size of bets;
  • slot is developed on the basis of random number generator. This approach guarantees fair winnings and the opportunity to get real income;
  • solid win odds. Even without the jackpot, you can count on huge multipliers that are hard to find in other video games;
  • when the plane takes off, the score always starts from x1, while the multiplier is constantly increasing and unevenly. In a split second the coefficient can grow to x10 or even x200;
  • game round can last from seconds to several minutes. The airplane behaves unpredictably, if you do not have time to withdraw the winnings, you can burn out;
  • Aviator works equally well on gadgets based on Android and iOS. You can play the game on the official site, or in the official applications of online casinos and offices;
  • the machine has online statistics that allows you to study past payments as well as analyze the results of other players and the largest winnings. This data helps to build a strategy for further action;

Pay attention! Like any other slot, Aviator doesn’t provide guaranteed winnings. The opportunity to earn depends directly on the speed of gambler, which only adds excitement.

Aviator Game in India

Aviator Betting Game

As in other countries, in India the Spribe Aviator game is one of the most popular. This online game allows Indian users to earn enough money. Won funds are credited to the account automatically after receipt in the chosen by player currency (usually INR is chosen, but you can take USD, EUR, etc.)

🎮 Game Type Airplane/Rocket/Aircraft Game
💵 Aviator game Minimum bet 1 Rupee
📈 Aviator RTP 97%
🕹 Games Provider/Supplier Aviator Spribe
🎮 Alternative games Jetx, Zeppelin, Lucky Jet, Jetx 3, Mines, Aviatrix, Spaceman, Space XY
🤔 Where to play Aviator? Pin Up Casino, Parimatch, etc.
💡 Last Game Update April 2022
📙 Languages English/Hindi
👍🏽 Release Date 31.05.2021
🤜🏼 Hit Frequency n/a
🎲 Variance LOW MED
💎 Aviator Maximum victory/win You can find this information in the gameplay table
🟡 Theme of the game Aviator Black sky
🔸 Aviator Game Objects Aircraft
🧩 Other Black sky, red, sky
📱Devices to play Desktop, mobile/smartphone, tablets, iOS, Android, Windows
🖥 Technology JS, HTML5


The standard game mode on different sites is in English. If your location is determined in India, then interface in most cases doesn’t change the language. On some sites you can independently change the language to any of presented through the menu.

There Parimatch excelled – it offers users from India English by default, but at the same time allows to choose the Hindi language or one of its dialects. All you need to do is click on the box with the Great Britain flag (as personification of English language) and select the one you need.

Aviator Game Features in Indian Casino

The game mechanic includes two useful options. Beginners don’t pay attention to this and, as a result, deliberately put themselves in a losing position. In fact the provider himself tells the gambler how to minimize risks and reach the first payout.


The first function is auto play. Next to the bet option, the user can set the odds at which the bet will be closed. For example, a casino visitor decides to close a bet on a x2.5 multiplier. This means that as soon as the plane reaches this mark, the Aviator will automatically calculate the payout.

Auto play in Aviator Game is convenient because it helps to fix the level of excitement and not lose money due to a weak reaction. The plane can get up to score x100, but even x10 gives quite a good profit from both large and small bets. The same can be done with the second bet, where the coefficient parameters can be set, for example, at x50 and allow yourself to take a little risk.


The second interesting solution for casino customers at Aviator is statistics. The company provides players with access to a special tab, which contains all the bets that have been made in the last days, weeks, months. The bets of all gamblers from all casinos and bookmakers where Aviator is represented are taken into account. Statistics provide several benefits:

  • The gambler can make sure that the payouts are really coming. By the way, Spribe is officially licensed by the Curacao regulator and does not provide its software to dubious gambling establishments.
  • The visitor gets the opportunity to analyze the algorithm. Although the random number generator generates millions of combinations, some appear at regular intervals. It’s been observed that x100 multipliers appear on the Aviator screen once every 1-2 hours on average.
  • The player will be able to form his own strategy. If an hour has passed since the last coefficient x100, then you can take risks and bet big in the next 10-20 minutes. During the next break, the game is played in safe mode.

Aviator Casino or Betting Game?

Aviator is a new and very popular online slot machine that allows players to bet online and win real money. In fact the game is a slot that, although it looks unusual, is no different from casino games. To confirm, it’s worth considering in which section this game is located in the betting company Parimatch:

  1. Open Parimatch website in India.
  2. Open the menu and find the line “Slots”.
  3. We scroll through the presented games to the “Other Games” tab and find “Aviator” here. So Spribe Aviator game – casino.

How to Play Aviator Game?

To start to play in any office for real money, you should follow several procedures. First of all, in order to visit the Aviator game and take part in it, you need to become a client of the company. This is done by registering through any of the presented methods. If the user is already registered, then the algorithm is simple:

  1. Log in to the bookmaker’s page. To do this, you need to enter a login (phone number, email or a special set of characters) and a password.
  2. Top up account. To play for money, you need to make a deposit. This can be done through many different methods, including cards, mobile payments, cryptocurrency, etc.
  3. Open Spribe Aviator. First you need to find it among all casino games. In some companies, the Aviator is located in a separate tab in menu, but in others you need to look for it among those offered in the casino rocket slots. It’s convenient if the site has a search bar, thanks to which you can easily find the game you need.
  4. Place your bet. Enter the bet amount you wish to use. Please note that it’s better to start with small amounts. You can either enter the amount manually or choose from the ones below. Remember that if you place a bet while a game round has begun, you must wait until the next.
  5. Cash Out. Now the hardest part begins – you have to get odds on the funds. To do this, you need to monitor the plane that flies while the coefficient rises. You can withdraw funds at any time by clicking on the “Cash Out” button. The amount multiplied by the coefficient that appeared just at the time of the click will be displayed directly. The amount is also written on the “Cash Out” button itself. The number of rounds is unlimited.

Aviator Game Demo

Virtual clubs offer this gambling format in a free version. In this case, you don’t have to register on the casino website, replenish the deposit. The free format was developed in order to study the rules, assess the prospects for winning. It’s completely identical to the corresponding Spribe game. You can launch the airliner an unlimited number of times, learning the intricacies of the game play. The demo format doesn’t imply any risks, play for fun. You can test it without restrictions and at some point switch to the real attachment format.

How to Play Demo?

The demo Aviator game algorithm is identical to the regular game, as is its appearance. The only difference is that you don’t need to risk your own funds, which allows you to play as much as you like and for any amount.

  1. Open the game Aviator. You can go to the boomaker’s website (for example, Parimatch) and select a game by clicking on it. The opportunity to play demo version is provided both to the company’s clients and ordinary guests who don’t have an account. It’s also possible to download the separate Aviator game simulator to your phone and play in spare time.
  2. Choose any amount to bet. It all depends on your preference. You can choose a small bet (for example, corresponding to money you used to bet), or a huge one.
  3. Click on the “Bet” button and wait for the round to start. Two bets are also available in the demo version, which allows you to apply some strategies in practice without losses.
  4. Cash Out. As soon as you see fit, click on the cashout button and withdraw funds to your “account”. In the demo version a fixed amount account is available to analyze the client’s potential earnings.
  5. You can auto-bet as in the regular version.

How to Bet?

Betting blocks are located below the main screen. The user first needs to replenish the account. In modern online casinos and bookmakers this is done through bank cards and online wallets. By the way, you can also play Aviator for cryptocurrency.

Stake Amount

The size of the bet in this game with airplane for money is determined by the user himself. It’s better to start with minimum values. This will help, because:

  • In a fast and dynamic game play, it’s not so easy to navigate. Gamblers usually lose their first deposit.
  • Small stakes will help you play for money and learn the interface/mechanics of the game in real conditions. This makes it possible to quickly get involved in the process.
  • You can try different strategies and understand how the system of auto bets works. This is one of the main features of Aviator, which allows you to receive a kind of insurance bonus.

How to Place Bet?

The rate menu interface offers four basic options. There are bets of $1, $2, $5, $10. You should select the format before the start of next flight. This is given no more than 5 seconds. When the plane takes off, the gambler can immediately stop the flight and receive a payout according to the indicated coefficient. The minimum value becomes 1.01. If you don’t want to constantly click on the screen, you can set any small coefficient in the auro cash out window, which is located near.

In the second block for registering rates, a similar design is presented. Statistics are located at the bottom of the game screen. The Aviator application is convenient because it doesn’t contain any unnecessary bookmarks and settings. Everything a user needs to play for money is on one display.

What is Minimum Bet?

It’s recommended to start your acquaintance with Aviator with the minimum rates. With small bets, you can test the slot, determine which strategies are most effective. On most top sites, the minimum stake is only 10 cents.

What is Maximum Bet?

Bookies don’t offer customers to hit a huge jackpot right away, so it’s impossible to bet a significant amount. The maximum bet you can place at one time is $100. You should pay attention that there’s a maximum amount of winnings from one bet – $10000. So, if you bet $100, you must cash out your winnings before the plane crosses the x100 line.

How to Cashout?

Cash out is a big orange button which appears after the customer tapped on green one “Bet” and the the plane started its flight. Clicking this button allows the player to cash out the amount he has earned according to the height of the aircraft.

This amount (your bet multiplied by the coefficient on screen) is located in the button under the inscription “Cashout”. That’s what you’ll display when you click on the button. The calculation of Cash Out is made in real time, due to which bettor can clearly see what profit or loss he can get. Cashout activation is available at the click of a button, i.e. there will no longer be a dialog box with confirmation of the withdrawal, which allows the player to take actions faster and increases the chances.

What is Highest Coefficient?

The random number generator always determines the maximum odds in a game round. The game starts immediately, the “airplane” starts with a coefficient of x1.0 and flies only in increments. The game can end both at x1.15 and grow to a factor of x50. The biggest odds are usually x100 and sometimes even more.

Tips and Strategy

There are many strategies available on the internet. Some of them have long been tested by almost every player, some’ve only recently appeared and few people have experienced them yet. Note that no technique is guaranteed to win! But there are some tips that have stood the test of time and are desirable to follow while playing.


  1. You shouldn’t hope that after a large coefficient in the next round you’ll be lucky again. It’d be wise to save the money won and make a small test bet. Agree, it’s better to win a small amount of money but stay in scoring, than to take risks immediately after a big win and lose everything.
  2. It happens that player doesn’t have time to cash out both bets, so you always need to be on alert to avoid such a situation. If you’re not sure you can keep track of two bets simultaneously, place only one at the beginning.
  3. Sometimes the plane takes off so fast that the ratio doesn’t even get off the ground. As a rule, this happens when earlier it’s risen high enough. Therefore, you should adhere to following rule: after a big win you should reduce the amount of bet or even skip a round or two.
  4. Limit gaming sessions and introduce hard timing. The probability of a crash casino game grows in proportion to the earned money. The longer you try to understand how to calculate, learn how to read the chart and win, the more you get excited, lose your attention and make rash bets. Therefore, it’s important to learn to understand when the game on the growth of the
  5. Aviator odds made it possible to earn the maximum.
    Set a goal. Do not try to earn 100% of the current bank immediately in a day. Give ourselves a setting – I’ll receive a yield of 10-20 percent and exit/I reach a certain balance and withdraw – so do it! Even if you’re lucky and you find an effective strategy for playing Aviator, statistics show that without a strictly defined goal, the risk only leads to losses.

Low Odds Strategy

The point of this Aviator strategy is to set up an auto-cashout on low multipliers. Statistics show that such odds are played more often than 1.50 and higher, but the tactic isn’t without drawbacks:

  1. First – you will receive only 10% of the bet amount, which means that in case of losing the bet, wagering will take a lot of time.
  2. Second – game can very often crash to a result of 1.09, in case of a series of such outcomes the bank may be drained.

Answering the question whether it’s possible to calculate and make money on the Spribe Aviator game using this strategy, theoretically yes, but in practice the possibility of winning is associated with considerable risks of losing.

Medium Odds Strategy

Recommended that this strategy should be chosen by players who don’t have limited funds in their account. When using this tactic in Aviator odds x2-3 are played. The probability of results with x2-3 is 40-42%. But sometimes, when you’re confident in your own abilities and there hasn’t been a large multiplication for a long time, you can take a risk by swinging at large odds and with the share of luck won’t only stay in the black, but also increase the deposit.

High Odds Strategy

This strategy among the players is considered one of the most profitable. But there’s also quite a big risk here:

  1. Go into the history of odds for the day and look at the last time ≈x100.
  2. Mark 1 hour from this coefficient and start betting with 2 bets.
  3. Close the first bet at x35-40, the second at x100. The bet taken at 35-40x allows you to keep the balance at the same level. Second bet when a large coefficient allows us to earn.

Since in the Aviator game, x100 odds drop out on average from an hour to an hour and a half – you just have to detect this interval and start catching earnings!

Martingale Strategy

Martingale’s theory is used in both roulette and financial asset trading. It’s also relevant to play Aviator. A special success should be expected when you have a “rubber” bank. The theory assumes doubling the amount of the bet until the winning round is reached. After winning, the bet returns to the lowest limit and increases again until the next win is reached.

Possible Problem

Increasing the amount of the bet after each losing round, the next winning round will cover the previous losses. As a result, a stable accumulation of profits is achieved. The problem is that with a long series of losses, your bank may not be enough for the next bet.

Aviator Game Algorithm

The aviator works on a random basis. The mechanics is based on a random number generator. Its algorithm in each new spin determines the flight range of the airplane. It’s impossible to predict the final values, as well as to influence the results. Despite the fact that everything happens randomly, there are still some features (for example, several x1-2 odds in a row after the larger one, x100 odds approximately every hour, etc). Due to this professionals have been able to create certain tactics that can help both beginners and advanced players.

What is Return To Player?

RTP (Return To Player) is parameter, which characterizes the return percentage of the slot. In other words, it determines the probability of winning on a particular game reel and how much money spent will be returned to the player for a large number of spins. This term is used by online casinos to denote the percentage of all bets that they’ll return to the user after a certain time. The higher this indicator, the higher the frequency of winning in a particular game for a certain period of time.

RTP – Not Possibility of Winning

It’s a mistake to assume that RTP determines the probability and number of players wins. After all, reels with the same return percentage have different chances of getting lucky combinations. On one you can win often, and on the other occasionally, while the amount of cash payments in most cases will be different. But there’s an indirect relationship between these values.


For those who can’t turn down extra cash and prizes, Aviarace tournaments are the way to go. These are tournaments that anyone can join for free, and if you’re lucky in the game, you’ll get bonus points (and the usual win, of course). Best players in this tournament will be able to compete for points that bring lucrative prizes at the end of race. Think about free bets, money and other nice bonuses before deciding whether to try your luck on a par with other players or continue the standard game.

Engaging and Social

Another attractive feature of the aviator is the ability to monitor events in live mode, analyze made or failed bets, view previous odds and communicate with players in real time. This allows you to better immerse yourself in the game and, accordingly, analyze it.

In-Game Chat

What fun would it be to bet if it wasn’t for the ability to chat with other players, right? Understanding it, Aviator allows you to see who’s currently in the game and participate in the discussion through the built-in chat. Want to bet for free? Then keep an eye out for the free bet opportunities that pop up in the chat from time to time. In addition, the chat also displays your betting history, so you can explore other people’s betting patterns and strategies. The possibility of communication is one of the most attractive elements of gambling.

Live Bets

Live bets are placed directly during the game. Real-time betting is in high demand. Today, in a period of rapid development of innovative technologies, they’re even more popular, because to make money it’s enough to have only Internet access and a gadget. You can place bets from either your computer or mobile phone. The availability of live betting is attracting more and more people around the world.

Betting in Aviator

Stribe offers users only live bets in the Aviator game. You can place a bet either before the start of the flight or already during the flight (but you can only play from the next round).

In order to place a live bet, any adult user needs to register (or log in to your account if you’re already a client of the company), deposit a certain amount, enter the bet amount and click on the “Bet”. Then just wait for the plane to reach the desired height and click on cashout.

Live Statistics

The Aviator game has a unique feature – live statistics. This feature allows users to see the value of the coefficient at which the plane flew away. Thanks to this players can analyze previous odds and find certain patterns to create strategies that will allow them to earn.

Appearance of Statistics

Statistics looks very convenient and doesn’t interfere at all during the game. It’s located directly above the window with the plane. It looks like small windows with odds. There’s such an amount that fits the width of the screen. If you need more – click on the right icon (similar to a clock). The Round History window with odds will immediately open. Another feature is that the coefficients are multi-colored, so it’s easier to see when they were high or low.

  • Blue – coefficients from x1 to x2;
  • Violet – odds from x1 to x10;
  • Purple – odds from x10;

Aviator Game Tricks

Newcomers have a hard time, so many are trying to find some tricks that will help them win. However, it becomes obvious that with a certain approach and analysis of details, the number of wins will many times exceed the losses. Losses can be minimized in a number of ways:

  • Read reviews. Crash casino game is positioned on the websites of gambling clubs as a top project today. This makes it easy to find information about the game. Users will be able to find examples of real winnings and copy the decisions of successful.
  • Find strategies. The number of actual tactics exceeds several dozen. In reality, several are considered to be working. A strategy game is a must for those who come to the casino more than once.
  • Get welcome bonuses. Every casino and bookmaker has a prize program for beginners. Players receive gifts from operator of the institution for the first deposit. It can be from 100% to 300% increase to the first deposit. The starting bonus gives a financial cushion and allows you to lose without tangible losses.
  • Take advantage of alternative promotions. Today, every virtual club has cashback, bonus options for regular visitors. Part of the lost money can always be returned.
  • Demo training becomes key. To begin with, it’s better to study the Aviator from all sides and after that start playing for money.

Aviator Game Predictor

The predictor is a program that calculates the crash ratio. It usually works on the analysis of other players’ bets, their cashout time, the amount, the size of the odds and the flight time of the aircraft. Applications that carry out predictions are usually located either in secret telegram channels or on dubious sites. No player will be able to find the predictor in official sources (Play Market, App Store, etc). In addition, it’s important to note that even with predictors, winning won’t always occur. Aviator’s principle is random, and only it decides at what point the plane will fly away. Therefore, even applications and modifications that promise 100% winnings cannot guarantee this.

Aviator Game Calculator

Getting a high coefficient in the Aviator game and, accordingly, increasing the amount of your funds is the goal with which each client comes to the Aviator and starts playing. Many even try to use strategies that will help hit the jackpot. But often this isn’t a solution to the problem, because random cannot be predicted. If the players are unlucky, they get desperate and start looking for some calculators that can calculate the odds or tell you when to withdraw funds in this round. You can try to look for different

Aviator calculators, but it’s not recommended to use them: not only can they be paid, but it’s not yet a fact that they work. After all, it’s impossible to predict a random number generator.

Does Aviator Have App?

Modern players want to be able to bet not only from their computer, but also through smartphones, as they are always at hand. Based on this, bookmakers have developed convenient applications for their users that can be installed on a mobile device and used to place bets anywhere where there’s Internet.

Pin-Up App

The Pin Up app is an official development from the specialists of the betting company. The mobile app for Android and iOS completely duplicates the design of the main bookmaker’s website. The program is regularly updated, as a result of which various shortcomings are eliminated and functionality is improved.

All this guarantees that the player will use a really convenient one. You can download the app from the company’s website for free. Here’s a similar menu, personal account and casino games. Some sections are hidden in the additional menu, as they didn’t fit on the main screen, but the aviator’s in the same place as the site.

How to Download Android App?

You can download and install the application only from the official website. The reason is the Play Store’s prohibition about distribution of programs with a gaming theme. Accordingly, the application isn’t there, and it’s impossible to download it from there, therefore:

  1. Go to official site or mirror (you can both in sports betting section and in online casino) from a browser on smartphone or tablet.
  2. Click on the menu symbol in the upper left corner (three horizontal lines in an orange square). Scroll down the open tab by tapping on the inscription “Install Android”.
  3. The browser will warn you that this type of file may harm your mobile device. This warning appears when downloading any .apk files as they are installation files. You can’t worry and confirm the download by clicking on “OK”.
  4. The app weighs 2.68 MB, so it’ll load very quickly even with a slow Internet connection. After downloading, you need to open it either via browser, or find the file via explorer.
  5. Next, confirm the installation, after which the application will be ready to use.

How to Download iOS App?

iOS mobile device owners can now place Pin up bets from their smartphone. On a note! The installation file is 121.2 MB in size, and the application itself only works on iOS devices version 12.0 and higher.

The process of downloading an iOS application from a mobile device is as follows:

  1. Open a browser on your smartphone or tablet and go to the pin up site.
  2. Click on the menu button (which looks like 3 parallel lines) and select the line “Install iOS”.
  3. On the open page with a short description of the steps for downloading, click on the “Download” button.
  4. This will open the app’s page in the App Store, where you need to download the installer. During the process, the system will ask you for permission to open the file. Otherwise, the installation will be aborted.

You can download the free application on iPhone even faster. To do this, you don’t need to visit bookmaker’s site. The user will be required:

  1. Open on mobile device App Store.
  2. Type “Pin up” in the search box and click “Search”.
  3. In appeared list, select the application from the licensed bookmaker and click on the “Install” button.
  4. Wait for the installation to complete and open the application.

Parimatch App

The app will be an excellent choice for users who have a low Internet speed. It’s also a good alternative to the mobile version of the site, as the installed program allows you to significantly save traffic. The main difference lies in the simplified design, which lacks all the advertising banners. This solution makes the app easier and more enjoyable to work with.

How to Download Android App?

You can download the app from website, as it’s not distributed through the Google Play. The reason is the policy of the store, which prohibits the gambling programs. Therefore, the installation must be done through the Pari Match. Before starting, go to the settings of your smartphone and give it permission to install applications from unknown sources. After that:

  1. Go to the official website of the bookmaker through any convenient browser.
  2. Click on the big round button with the “Parimatch” icon in the middle.
  3. Select the “Download Android/iOS app” line at the bottom.
  4. Immediately a dialog box will appear asking you to install the “Parimatch” apk file. Click the “Download” or “OK” button”.
  5. After installation find this apk in the files and click on it, then install this application on your phone.

How to Download iOS App?

The bookmaker listens to the customers’ wishes, so it’s developed a convenient and practical application for owners of smartphones/tablets from Apple. This app is fully secure and safe because you can download it not only at bookmaker’s website, but also at the App Store. To download via App Store you should only open this app and fill in the search bar “Parimatch”. After only click on bookie’s app and start downloading by clicking the “Install” button. But to download via website:

  1. Open the Parimatch official website.
  2. Click the big black button in the middle to open a menu.
  3. List and find the line “Download Android/iOS app”. Click on it.
  4. You’ll be automatically forwarded to the App Store. Click on big button “Install” and wait until the end of installation.

Becric App

Becric isn’t the most popular bookmaker in India, but it offers a fairly handy app for playing Aviator game in India. The app on both Android and iOS looks exactly the same as the official website. But there are advantages – it allows you to use all the advantages of the site on your phone, there are no annoying banners with ads and the application loads the interface much faster than the site, and works better with a weak Internet.

How to Download Android App?

  1. Open the official website or any mirror and click on the big red button “Download App” with the corresponding sign.
  2. Find on the page big green “Download” button and tap on it.
  3. For a successful download, open the device settings and go to the security settings. In it we find an item for installing software from unknown sources. Here you need to enable the option.
  4. After come back to the browser and in the dialog box select the “OK” or “Download” button.
  5. After the installation of the apk is completed, go to downloads, click on the file and install it.

How to Download iOS App?

Unlike other companies, Becric can’t offer customers to download iOS app via official website or any mirror. Owners of Apple mobile devices can download this only in App Store.

  1. Open the App Store in your device.
  2. Fill in the search bar “Becric” and find the licensed app from bookmaker.
  3. Click on the “Install” button and wait till the end of downloading. After you can start using it.

Where to Play Aviator Game?

Players are offered a lot of playgrounds, because Aviator game in India is available from different bookmakers. But which one to choose is up to you. Below are the most popular companies and their features, which will allow you to choose the best bookmaker.


Pin-up Casino is a fairly new gaming resource. Although the official site was opened in 2016, the portal is already popular not only with new users, but also with professional players. The resource operates under a Curacao license and is managed by Carletta.


Pin Up Casino offers a wide range of entertaining games. Here you can launch not only the usual slots, but also bet on sports, as well as eSports. Pin-Up Casino is open 24 hours a day.

Features and Interface

All adult users can register and play in the casino. The interface of the official site supports about 10 languages, including English. The game account is opened in different currencies: in indian rupees, dollars, euros, etc. Before you start playing for money, you should study the site navigation, rules and collection of games. After that, make a deposit and start any games in the Pin-up casino. The probability of getting a win on the site is quite high, since the average return rate of all devices is more than 95%.


The Aviator game is present here not only in the slot list, but even in the menu. This means that there’s a very high demand for it. The company has become famous as one of the truly reliable when it comes to paying out earned funds, which is why many customers play Aviator game in India here. They can be sure that they will receive their funds.


The Parimatch website has been known in the gambling business for over 20 years and during this period has managed to prove itself as a reliable and safe resource. Here everyone will find entertainment to their liking, because in addition to hundreds of slots, the platform provides the opportunity to bet on sports, as well as bet on the results of lotto and other games.


Although the organization of casino games isn’t the main activity of the Parimatch casino, there’s a sufficient list of gambling entertainment of a very different nature. The site hosts over 500 video slots from nine software manufacturers. In the Betgames section, there are round-the-clock live streams of poker, baccarat, lotto and other table games. Live dealer games are highlighted in a separate section: hundreds of tables with varieties of roulette, baccarat, poker, blackjack and other games


This game is located in the slots section, where there’s a convenient search bar that will allow you not to search for the right game for a long time. The company already has vast experience, so the players don’t doubt its honesty.


Becric is quite popular platform in India. It offers a large number of different casino games that are of interest to Indian users. The official resource of the casino is made in a stylish, concise design that’s convenient and pleasant for users. The interface is intuitive, so players can quickly find what they need. Another feature is the search bar.


The slots are placed so as not to force visitors to waste time looking for entertainment. Thanks to this, they can immediately start playing. Bright covers of popular products begin to attract attention already on the start page. The casino site features games from about a hundred providers. In addition to the world famous Playson, Netent, Evoplay, Isoftbet, Yggdrasil, you can also find not so widely popular providers.


The Aviator game is also available on the site and is played by many users. But you should note that some players report late payments of winnings and scam. Sometimes it happens that an account is blocked for no apparent reason. Therefore, if you decide to play with this bookmaker, be careful and careful.


The betting company Betway is an office of a fairly wide profile – it presents a couple of dozen sports, casinos, slots, poker and eSports disciplines that are gaining popularity. Betway is registered in Malta and has five different licenses to operate: in addition to the Maltese, it has permission from the commissions of Belgium, Ireland, the United Kingdom, as well as the Spanish Gambling Authority.


Unfortunately, at the moment it’s not possible to find the Aviator spribe gaming in the slots section. Despite the expectations of users, the bookmaker isn’t going to add Aviator game in India to the list of casino games yet. Luckily, there are other reliable bookmakers that offer to play the Aviator spribe gaming.

Do Pin-Up and Parimatch Offer Aviator Game Promo Codes?

Promo code is a special combination of symbols that increases bonuses in different promotions or offers something else. To make it more interesting for players, the company regularly holds promotions and supports a bonus program. Within their framework, gifts are offered to all customers. To receive a prize from a bookmaker or increase the standard bonus, you need to enter a promo code.

What Prizes Can Be Won?

  • Bonus account money. Code activates the accrual of the bonus amount (specified in the rules of the promotion) to the client’s balance. This money cannot be withdrawn immediately, but you can use bonuses for betting.
  • Increase in the standard gift. Invitation code allows you to get an improved first deposit bonus for beginners.
  • Freebets. A free bet is a coupon that pays real money in prizes. Using a promo code with a gift, you can make a successful bet and then withdraw the received winnings.

Pin-Up Promo Code

Official bonus codes can be found in social networks, where the Pin-up has its own communities. Bookie usually posts them before the launch of important promotions or major tournaments. They have an expiration date and clear wagering rules.


You can activate a promo code in your personal account (unlike other bookmakers that allow you to enter a special code during registration).

  1. Register or log in to the Pin-up website.
  2. Open your personal account on the site.
  3. Go to the “Bonuses” tab, enter the code and click on the “Activation” button. Now you can use offers from the company. Promo code available: GETCASINO

Parimatch Promo Code

For special codes, the player receives Parimatch bonuses, which will help to get more pleasure from the game. If you managed to find a promo code, expect generous gifts from the system. Finding such offers is easy enough, they come often. The only caveat – you won’t be able to use the same twice.


On betting sites standardly the field for entering a promo code is present in the registration form or in your personal account. But in the case of Parimatch, such a field isn’t provided. The bookmaker gives bonuses without codes (via affiliate links).

Is Aviator Game Legit in India?

Casino games attract visitors by the simplicity and convenience of the game, because to place a bet or play your favorite slot you don’t need to visit club. Online casinos don’t require the use of expensive gadgets. You can enter the platform and join the game from your mobile phone or tablet. Admission is free, you just need to go through the usual registration to verify your identity and age. But the important question remains – is it legal to play the Aviator spribe gaming in India? Yes. Indian law allows companies to engage in gambling activities (but it’s worth noting that in some states the casino may be prohibited).

How to Register and Login at Pin-Up?

Registration is an important process that’s required if you want to plunge into the world of casinos and start making money on the Aviator game. In addition, signing up with a Pin-up bookmaker is a quick process. If you’re already registered, then to start the game you just need to log into an existing account. But remember that you can withdraw funds only after verifying your account.

How to Register?

In total, two registration methods are available. They’re presented on the official website or on the mirror.

Via Phone

  1. Open the Pin-up site or any of the available mirrors.
  2. On the main page, click on the rectangular red button “Sign Up”.
  3. In opened window, check if the Indian code is determined correctly +91.
  4. Enter your phone number without country code.
  5. Check if the Indian rupees currency is automatically selected (or choose the one that’s convenient for you).
  6. Click the checkboxes below.
  7. Click on the big “Sign Up” button.

Via Email

  1. Open the main page of Pin-up website and click on the “Sign Up” button at the right upper corner.
  2. Fill in valid email in the appropriate field.
  3. Come up with the unique password.
  4. Check if the currency is INR or choose another.
  5. Check the box that you agree with Terms and conditions.
  6. Check the box to receive promotions and newsletters (optional).
  7. Click on “Sign Up” button below.

How to Log In?

  1. Open the Pin-up website and click on “Sign In” button.
  2. Fill in your mobile number or email (according to your registration method).
  3. Enter a password.
  4. Click the button “Log in”.

Are there Games Like Aviator?

After the Aviator game in India became a very popular one among casino players, other companies decided to create games with a similar essence. All of them have the same mechanism and algorithm, the only significant difference is the appearance and the game itself. Below are the most popular doppelgangers that are often used if there are any problems in Aviator betting game.

Jet X

Jet X is an innovative slot machine from Smartsoft Gaming that takes online gambling to a whole new level. The idea is built on the mechanics of explosion. The goal here is to predict how high the plane will last and cash it in until it explodes. Simple enough, isn’t it? Of course, but predicting how high the multiplier will be is a really difficult task.

How to Play?

Loading the game will take players to a runway where a plane’s about to take off. Players place bets before it eventually takes off; bets are available from $0.1 per round. Coefficient, like in Aviator betting game, rise as soon as the round starts, and what is most impressive is that there’s no limit on height. The goal is to cash out the money just before the plane crashes.

Pressing the “Collect” button immediately ends the round and awards a cash prize equal to your stake and.multiplied by accumulated odds. There’s a results history table on the left side of the screen displaying the results of previous rounds too.

Player Tips

The rules of JetX are as simple and intuitive as possible. The higher the flight of the aircraft, the greater the win rate. You stopped the simulator before the explosion – you won. The plane exploded lost and start the game again. To start playing JetX players need to:

  1. set the bet amount;
  2. monitor the flight altitude of a plane with no increase limit;
  3. stop the flight as soon as it seems explosion to occure;

Players can also set the game to end automatically when the plane reaches a certain level. It’s important to remember the plane will explode anyway, and the key to winning is to be able to stop in time. Since the multiplier grows exponentially, the longer the game lasts, the higher the need to end it.


Zeppelin is a game where the user follows the ever-growing odds and the flight of an airship that can explode at any moment. In-game chat, checking the round for honesty, high-quality interface – all this attracts in the game. Zeppelin is undoubtedly a copy of the Aviator betting game. The game mechanics are similar. Differences are only in interface, and instead of an airship, an airplane flies.

How to Play?

Zeppelin consists of separate rounds that go one after another in a continuous mode. Before the start, the bettor places his bet. The airship automatically starts flying. Simultaneously a coefficient, which gradually grows up until an explosion occurs, is displayed on the screen. The player’s task is to press the “Cashout” button before the explosion, which will allow you to get a win. In case of using the Cashout, the amount of winnings is determined by the odds at the moment the button is pressed.

It’s impossible to predict when the plane will explode. It could happen any second. But the more the player waits, the higher the odds and potential winnings become.


  1. In-game chat – players can discuss any issues with each other.
  2. Free bet – this feature allows the player to play one round for free (without investing their own money).
  3. Jackpot – players can compete for the jackpot, which is played at odds from 500x to 900x.
  4. Demo version – the ability to play without registration and without betting own funds.


How Does the Aviator Game Work?

Aviator game works completely on the principle of randomness. Its main value – the size of the coefficient – is determined using a random number generator, which prevents players from making any predictions or strategies.

How to Play Aviator Game?

To play the Aviator game you should only register at the bookmaker, top up the account, open the “Slots” page and find the game. After choosing the desirable bet amount, click on the “Bet” button and wait until the start. When the plane takes off, click on “Cash Out” before the plane will fly away.

How to Win in Aviator Game?

To win aviator game you can only rely on luck. But to increase the winning possibility, welcome information on existing strategies and try to bet with small odds. It’s better to start with a small profit than to lose immediately.

Is Aviator Game Legit?

Yes, this game is legit because the its owner Spribe has valid licenses and certifications in different countries (by Malta Gaming Authority, UK Gambling Commission, Gibraltar Gaming Commission, Romania National Gambling Office and other presented at the official site)

Yes, Aviator game is fully legal in India according to the country’s law. But be aware that in some countries casino games may be prohibited because of the local law.

Is Aviator a Gambling Game?

Yes, Aviator game is gambling because it has a possibility of losing money if the plane fly away before the cash out. Don’t forget about responsible gaming.

How Do You Win Big on Aviator?

To get a big win, try to use the high odds strategy. To do this, you need to check when the last time there was a high coefficient, and detect 1 hour from this time. After the time expires, place a bet. But remember that it’s always better to start small.

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