Aviator Game Tips and Tricks – Best Tips and Tricks for Aviator

The Aviator game, created by the developers of Spribe, is turning the online gambling market around and taking gambling to a new level.

  1. Developer Spribe has introduced Aviator tricks that can be conveniently used in the game. Players are in complete control of the process in the game and also experience thrilling emotions. The slot quickly gained popularity because players can influence the outcome of the game. In other games and slots, users are used to being in control of the process, but in Aviator, winning depends on the patience and reaction of the player himself.
  2. The game works perfectly with smooth transitions on desktop computers and in mobile phones. Online casinos that offer to play this popular slot have advanced applications that allow players to get more enjoyment out of the design, the transitions, and the game itself. Every day there are new winners and big winnings in the slot Aviator. Importantly, in the game Aviator by Spribe, you have to think logically in order to win more often.
  3. The main trick in the game among experienced players is considered to be working out your unique strategy. But before doing so, beginners should familiarise themselves with all the game features, explore the different types of betting and, naturally, get practice at the game itself. It is also important to note that the game is only available at official online casinos. Many sites on the internet offer to download the slot, but these sites are designed to capture your data.

So be careful when reading the ways and tricks for Aviator game and how to win money fast. Plus, this game cannot be hacked with any software.

How does the Aviator game works

The last updates to the game were in August and September 2022. Here are the best strategies for winning big in this interesting game.

How does the Aviator game works

The Aviator slot has no reels, no paylines and no symbols. The algorithm in the Aviator game from developer Spribe is based on a number generator. There is only a plane and it takes off. The higher it gains altitude, the higher the multiplier grows accordingly. The longer the plane flies, the more money you can win with the unique algorithm of the Aviator game.

The essence and logic of the Aviator game is that you just need to press the stop button in time before the plane disappears or disappears from the screen. If you don’t get there in time and it disappears, your bet is lost.

The game interface itself is divided into 3 parts.

  • In the centre is the plane, which at the start of the round begins to take off and gain altitude. As you gain altitude, the bet multiplier increases.
  • At the bottom, underneath the centre section, you will see the cockpit from which you will control your bets. This is where all the control takes place.
  • On the left you will see the presence of the other players, their avatars. Additionally, you can see your winnings history and the maximum winnings of the other players.

In the slot, most rounds last between 8 and 32 seconds. Before the round starts, you place a bet and the game starts. You are given about 30 seconds to place your bet and then the plane starts to take off. As you gain altitude, the multiplication increases and you need to press the stop button in time. The difficulty in this game is that you can press the stop button early and then you limit yourself from making big wins. So in this game you need to have patience and press it in time so that the plane doesn’t disappear from the screen. If the plane flies off the screen or crashes, it means that your bet has lost. You can read more information – aviator app india, where you can find out how the mobile application works.

how does aviator work

There are three betting functions in the game:

  • With the individual bet function, you place multiple bets on the same rounds.
  • With the «automatic bet» function you have the option of setting the number of rounds in which the bet is automatically played.
  • With the «Automatic Withdraw» function, you can set the amount of the multiplier. Once the plane gains altitude and the multiplier reaches the amount you have set, the funds are automatically withdrawn by the system.

The Aviator game is available at the following casinos: Mostbet, 1xBet, 1Win and Pin-Up.

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How to win in Aviator game – top tips

Many players are looking for winning gaming strategies for Aviator from the makers of Spribe. The following are some winning tips and tricks for Aviator games.

  1. It is desirable to know the basics and the essence of the game. Before you can play for real money, you need to find out how the game is played. You need to understand what your winnings depend on. Newcomers are advised to play a demo version of the Aviator game first, before going for the money.
  2. There is an interesting strategy for the Aviator slot. The idea is to place 2 bets in a round. With the intention of maximizing their own margin of victory, players have every chance of making the most two bets. You too can increase your own funds by placing two bets. This means that even if you don’t manage to cash out your own second bet, the proceeds of the first bet will still be available. In this way, you’re guaranteed more solid winnings, as a separate round gives you two chances to win.
  3. Use the handy auto function. It is recommended that you use Autostart and Autopay as it is convenient. Also with «Auto Bet», the slot is restarted with the bet set automatically. The «Auto Cashout» function will help you set the multiplier you want to get. When the plane reaches this multiplier the system will automatically withdraw the funds.
  4. It is highly recommended that you learn to cash out as soon as possible, regardless of how much you want to jack up the odds. This way you will have a greater chance of winning. Winning always consists of your cash-out strategy, whether it is the smallest or the greatest bet. Even if you wish to end up with huge prizes, ending up with small rewards is better than losing your money.
  5. Raise your rates gradually. Calculate your bankroll to play more than one round.
Aviator winning tricks

Aviator winning tricks

The table shows popular betting tricks for Aviator.

Using in-game chatIn the chat room you can always discuss different strategies and approaches with players. Experienced players can tell you what to look out for in the game.
Searching for winning storiesYou will be able to see the history of the other players’ maximum winnings. You will see their stakes, the multiplier. Based on these Aviator game statistics, you may be able to come up with your own betting strategy.
View Live Betting sectionOn the left-hand side of the screen you can see «Live betting». This shows the bets that other players have placed in the current round. You can additionally use this information to develop your strategies and winning ideas.
Using the Auto Cashout functionIn order to activate the automatic cashout feature in the Aviator, you need to click on the betting panel and set the multiplier number. When the multiplier factor in the slot reaches the set number, you are automatically cash out. You do not have to always click the withdrawal button manually.
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Aviator best strategy

Experienced players share their experiences, and there are some time-tested strategies casinos for Aviator game.

  1. Double betting strategy.
  2. Early withdrawal strategy.
  3. The Martingale strategy.

Double betting strategy

The essence of this strategy Aviator Spribe gaming is that you place the first big bet and aim for the early withdrawal. The second bet, on the other hand, you place the minimum bet, but aim for the big multiplier. You can adjust your bets and withdrawals depending on your balance. You should also set your limits and will be able to get winnings in the slot.

Early withdrawal strategy

The strategy is that you bet higher than usual, but withdraw at low multipliers. The essence of such a strategy in this place is to gain repeat winnings and withdraw your own winnings from the casino as soon as you’ve earned enough money.

The Martingale strategy

This strategy is that you increase your bet after losing to win back the money you lost. After each win, you will need to go back to the minimum bet.


❓ What is the best time to play Aviator?

✅ The best time to play Aviator is when you want to play. You can play at any time of day, have fun and win money.

❓ How to make money on Aviator?

✅ In order to win money at Aviator you need to develop your own strategy or read and use the tactics described above in our review.

❓ How to calculate Aviator game?

✅ Victory counts and is determined by this formula: the current multiplier increase the amount of your bet.

❓ How to study Aviator game?

✅ In order to explore of Aviator, you can first play in demo mode. Also, you should learn the rules of the game of Aviator.

❓ How to predict Aviator game?

✅ It is not possible to predict the Aviator casino game. The slot is based on a random number generator, which guarantees a random result. Do not flatter yourself with the false hope that by downloading some Aviator game predictor software, which there are many on the Internet, you can always win. No such software exists.

❓ How to read Aviator game graph?

✅ The key pattern of the Aviator game is that the higher the altitude of the plane in the slot, the higher the multiplier. Depending on your bet, your winnings are multiplied.

❓ Where Aviator game round history?

✅ On the left-hand side, below the central screen, you can see your winnings history.

❓ How to analyse Aviator graph?

✅ You will not be able to 100% analyse the Aviator game, as it is based on a random number generator. Any attempt to use third-party analysis and hacking applications is registered by the online casino’s security systems as fraud and access to the account is blocked.

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